We exist to help make success for
sub-contractors more easy and accessible.

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Our Story

There are a lot of things Pocket can’t do. We can’t deliver flush finishes; we can’t wire up a board and we definitely can’t pour a slab (or drink one for that matter!)

There’s one thing we do well though.

Managing your projects well is the backbone of your business. It creates the foundations of your success and we’re relentlessly committed to ensuring those foundations are sound.

Does our commitment to paperwork make us a little weird? Probably. You’re
not going to invite us to your birthday party but need help with lengthy
contracts? We’re the first person on your speed dial.

We help you to get on in business by helping you conquer the stuff you didn’t learn in trade school. We reduce contract risk, streamline cash flow and eliminate distractions through easy access to our expert services — helping you get on with the things that really matter to you

The Pocket team isn’t short of construction pedigree either.

Founder Mark Pritchard is one of the most widely experienced professionals in the Australian construction industry today. A licenced builder with an array of qualifications across project and construction management, his experience encompasses the full spectrum of roles. From pushing barrows of dirt and wearing waders in Sydney Harbor, to managing contractors on several +$100M projects and running a construction project management consultancy.

Co-Founder Maree Kenny grew up in smalltown NZ with her father a self-employed builder and her Mum doing the  books. She spent a lot of her younger years on site, sweeping, carting barrows and hosing down freshly poured concrete. Now after a long career in the commercial insurance industry, Maree has returned to the world of construction, just on a larger scale.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to get the job done on-time and on-budget.

That’s because at Pocket: we are great at managing projects, sh*t at everything else.


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